Est. 2011 

About Us



Robert (Bob) Francis

1. To solve a problem that is as old as mankind; 

    how to start a fire.


2. To reduce the spread of invasive insects

    and diseases through the transportation

    of firewood.


3. To build a green product that surpasses your

    expectations in terms of product performance.






Big Bob’s Firewood is a family owned business started by myself (Robert) and my sons.  We began the business in 2011 in Lake Orion, Michigan.  I had the vision of an easy to light, instant campfire that was safe to cook over and also that was safe to transport.  In our home state of Michigan, we have a long standing ban on the transportation of firewood due to the Emerald Ash Borer which has killed millions of trees because it is an invasive species.  This product does not carry the risk of spreading this or any other invasive species because of the heat treated nature of the wood which kills off any unwanted pests.  I am a retired tool and die maker by trade which helped me with creating the design of the product.  There were many assemblies that were designed and tested until we reached the current patented design.  It is optimized for creating an easy to light, even burning fire.  I teamed up with the Amish because they produced the wood bricks the product is made from out of the shavings from their furniture manufacturing.  They are also known for their exceptional build quality so I was proud to have them assemble my product here in the United States.  It is important to me to create a green, healthy product for your family so our product does not contain any chemicals making it completely safe to cook over.  I hope you will enjoy my product and that we earn your business for years to come.  


Spend your time enjoying your fire – not building it.


Robert (Big Bob) Francis

Proudly Amish Made in the USA


1. What are they made from? Big Bob's Firewood is made from 100% recycled hard woods. Oak, Maple, Cherry & Walnut - wood shaving and saw dust supplied by furniture manufacturers in the USA are used to make Big Bob's Firewood.


2. How are they made? The wood shavings and saw dust are fed into a press and compressed under 160 tons of pressure. The compression causes heat. This in turn causes the natural resin in wood to liquify and act as the binder that holds the bricks together.






How it's Made