Lighting Instructions

1. Remove the plastic packaging.


2. Place firewood bundle on a flat surface.


3. Light the two starter sticks located on     the bottom of the bundle on both sides.


4. Sit back and enjoy your fire!


Must be Stored Dry

Want to see it in action?

Check out our video for a demo on how to light Big Bob's Firewood.

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Place bundle on a level surface. Make sure the bundle is on it's bottom (large wooden board) light both starter sticks located on both sides of bundle. 


To extinguish bundle in an emergency use any UL listed fire extinguisher or water.


Do not remove wire. Do not take bundle apart.

Do not use any flammable liquids or any other type of fire starters on bundle.

Do not burn on fireplace andirons.  Bottom must be supported.

Do not leave fire unattended or allow pets or children to play around or near fire.

Do not poke bundle.

Do open fireplace damper before lighting bundle.

Do dispose of cool ashes and embers in a metal container.

Do close wire protective fire screen on fireplace when burning.